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About Us

UGOLD Inc. american corporation registered in the jurisdiction of the state of Nevada, in the city of Las Vegas, in the leading state for gold mining in the United States.

The corporation was created by like-minded people who have devoted more than 20 years to business based on this noble metal.

The corporation operates all over the world, where the knowledge and experience of the UGOLD Inc. team. may serve the interests of its shareholders and its customers.

The activities of the corporation are divided into the following areas:

  • investments in the acquisition and development of gold deposits

  • mining and production of gold

  • production of gold products

  • buying and selling gold

  • creation of various financial instruments based on gold and their use in various financial and banking operations

  • creation and release of digital assets based on gold

What are we doing


Gold Ask $2037.57

Silver Ask $25.33

Platinum Ask $1040.60

Palladium Ask $1506.99

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