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As with the invention of stock exchanges and special companies working on them, called brokers, acquiring in the interests of the client shares of various companies that were traded on these same stock exchanges, just like with the advent of commodity exchanges, investors could acquire tangible assets, such as metals, grains, coffee and so on, as an investment.


The appearance of such accounts made it possible to simplify the ownership of assets, which under normal conditions is a big problem in terms of its safety and, most importantly, liquidity, if such a need arises.

The tokenization of assets and the issuance of specialized tokens have further simplified the procedure for acquiring and storing such assets.


Access to exchange accounts at the present time is not always possible, at the same time, acquiring a token is not any difficulty.

The only risk that must be taken into account in this case is the reliability of the issuer itself.

UGOLD based on the Agreement with the Association of Jewelers of Uzbekistan, the country that ranks fourth in the world in terms of gold reserves and one of the top ten gold mining companies, issued a stablecoin UGOLD backed by gold at the rate of one token is equal to one ounce of gold.

Due to the fact that a digital token, unlike the metal itself, is easy to divide, it can be purchased by fractioning it into its decimal parts.


Each investor, purchasing UGOLD tokens, receives an equal amount of gold on his account based on the market value at the date of purchase.

Like this noble metal, the token has the same liquidity and can be sold at any time with the transfer of funds to the specified details.


At the same time, the owner of the token may also require the direct delivery of gold, the corresponding amount in the form of bars or coins, with payment of transport costs to the specified address.

Delivery is carried out by specialized services, or at the request of the owner by specialized mail with appropriate insurance.


If you are interested in transactions with gold, please contact us and we will be glad to cooperate for mutual benefit.


Palladium Ask $1506.99

Platinum Ask $1040.60

Silver Ask $25.33

Gold Ask $2037.57

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